The Foundation Mission & Goals

Hipster Foundation is dedicated to preventing hip problems and improving outcomes for and quality of life of hip surgery patients. This work is accomplished by advancing the field of hip replacement surgery and hip health through medical research, professional and patient education, and promotion of health as it relates to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Develop infrastructure to support clinical research

Dr. Mast has performed over 2500 anterior approach hip surgeries to date. This represents one of the largest single-surgeon series of anterior hip replacement worldwide. To best serve our clinical research, a registry is an important first step in cataloging results. From this dataset questions about best practices and outcomes can be derived. Infrastructure needs are ongoing and include many of the following: registry database design, setup, and maintenance, data entry, and patient follow up.

Seek funding to support research and education

Clinical research takes time and support. Support staff including clerical, administrative, and statistical support are all required during various stages of clinical research. Your funding helps provide support for the needs of our research staff. Your support ensures timely and rapid turnaround of clinical research.

Develop a collaborative platform for improving practice in the field

Working with outside institutions and comparing our results allows us to broaden the applicability of our finding outside our walls. Working with larger institutions such as the American Joint Replacement Registry, the Anterior Hip Foundation, as well as regional and national clinically integrated networks allow us to define best practices from both clinical outcomes as well as cost. The goal is not just to demonstrate that our registry demonstrates best practice, but to show that it is reliable and reproducible outside of the hands of Dr. Mast.

Disseminate research findings and technical expertise

Attendance of regional and national research meetings and seminars is classically one of the best ways to promote and disseminate our findings. However, newer technologies allow for us to reach a broader and more international audience. Online video and lectures allow us to meet the educational needs of the modern healthcare system. Your support helps provide production and publication support for a wide variety of educational endeavors.

Educate and mentor fellows and surgeons through scholarship and training

Support for surgeon training in best practices has long been a goal of the Hipster Foundation. Dr. Mast himself was supported by generous grants from private and public foundations. As federal support of postgraduate medical education declines, we expect the educational needs of clinicians to be challenged by funding. By supporting clinical education, the Hipster Foundation hopes to improve access to high quality education and mitigate some of the effects of industry bias. Finally, a goal of hipster is to provide for an endowed scholarship position for one postgraduate fellow annually to complete comprehensive training in hip and pelvis surgery.