Dr. Mast

Nicholas H. Mast MD

He is a private practice orthopedic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. He carries on the family legacy of Prof. Jeffrey Mast MD, a remarkable contributor to modern understanding of orthopedic trauma and reconstructive surgery. Instilled in the training of the young Dr. Mast were the family values of service, perseverance, and integrity.


Dr. Nicholas Mast has sought out training under some of the very best in the field of hip surgery. In addition to completion of an orthopedic surgery residency, he has completed advanced postdoctoral fellowships in pelvic and acetabular trauma and reconstruction. He has done advanced training in anterior approach hip replacement and has completed international fellowship training in hip preservation including periacetabular osteotomy and hip arthroscopy. During this formative time in Dr. Mast’s career, he relied heavily on foundational support from the orthopedic community, to advance his training and career goals.


Dr. Mast has built his professional career on sound clinical practice and results. His practice in the San Francisco Bay Area remains one of the most experienced with anterior approach hip replacement. He is a resource for physician education, as he continues to host surgeons from around the globe. He continues to contribute to physician education through online and print publication of technical articles. He has a particular interest in breaking through barriers that prevent access to life changing care, here and abroad.