The Hipster Foundation

is a nonprofit 501c3 organization founded by Nicholas Mast, MD in 2017.

Goals of the Foundation

Hipster Foundation is dedicated to preventing hip problems and improving outcomes for and quality of life of hip surgery patients. This work is accomplished by advancing the field of hip replacement surgery and hip health through medical research, professional and patient education, and promotion of health as it relates to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Anterior hip replacement is an incredible procedure. It is known as the surgery of the century for its ability to transform people’s lives. However, surgical costs and outcomes today still vary. Having dedicated his career to improving patient outcomes through anterior hip surgeries, Dr. Mast founded Hipster Foundation in 2017 to extend the benefits of his work to patients and surgeons outside of his own practice. His aim is to continue to improve outcomes and quality of life for all hip surgery patients and provide better access, research, and outcomes to all hip health stakeholders.

To achieve this, current initiatives are focused on:

Education and Mentorship

Disseminating research findings and technical expertise

Seek funding to support research and education