The Hipster Foundation

is a nonprofit 501c3 organization founded by Nicholas Mast, MD in 2017.

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Goals of the Foundation

Hipster Foundation is dedicated to preventing hip problems and improving outcomes for and quality of life of hip surgery patients.  This work is accomplished by advancing the field of hip replacement surgery and hip health through medical research, professional and patient education, and promotion of health as it relates to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Develop infrastructure to support clinical research

Seek funding to support research and education

Develop a collaborative platform for improving practice in the field

Disseminate research findings and technical expertise

Educate and mentor fellows and surgeons through scholarship and training

How to Donate?

Hipster Inc. (EIN 81-5182269) is a 501c3 Public Charitable Organization with low administrative and executive costs. It provides for direct patient care and support of advancement of hip surgery research and education.  You can be assured that your donation goes directly to those patients who need it most.  It is your donation that improves access to care, when access is threatened by rising medical costs.  It is your donation that provides for research and development of technical advancements that ensure that this procedure improves in quality and value for the future.

Donations can be made electronically by clicking the link below.  Alternatively, a check can be mailed to our office at:

ATTN: Nicholas H. Mast MD
The Hipster Foundation
2250 Hayes Street, Suite 208
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States

We appreciate your support of our mission and look forward to working with you!


Our Mission

Clinical Research

The Hipster Foundation research program will support advancements in the field of hip surgery and support the evolution of evidence-based practice.  Projects under development include a research database of clinical outcomes from hip surgery providing a data registry for practitioners and researchers.  Research utilizing the database can address such questions as such as optimization of diagnostic procedures, outcomes of specific surgical interventions, or factors that influence clinical outcome. The data can also be used to generate questions for future research studies and provide clinical training opportunities for research fellows. An Internal Review Board will approve use of the information generated by the database in research projects.

Professional and Patient Education

To advance the field and build future practitioners, the Foundation will focus on expanding training and educational opportunities and disseminating research and practice knowledge and technique. The Foundation will support:

  • Training of practitioners and fellows with scholarship funding for international study of hip surgery and hip treatments and a future fellowship opportunity.
  • Publications, presentations and technical training at specialty conferences and educational events.

In addition, the Foundation will expand access to patients of the latest information on hip health, hip surgery and treatments that can support decision-making and improve understanding on the costs and benefits of various modalities and treatments. This information can help guide patients in their selection of procedures, and providers who may be of benefit to them.

Promoting Quality Care and Innovation

Promoting high value for patients, the Foundation will support innovations that improve the quality of care and contain or reduce costs for the patient.  The foundation will support innovations that serve to align providers, technology, and systems to ultimately provide the highest level care in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Ultimately the goal is to expand access to care to more patients, and prevent delay of care due to financial concerns.